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EPIC Youth have a professionally qualified and experienced work team who can offer you a bespoke package for your setting. Through a range of activities we build positive relationships, allowing us to nurture individuals whatever their circumstance or personal needs. We aim to empower young people to make informed decisions, progress to fulfil their potential, as well as become active members of their community.

We work hard to provide a welcoming environment and create fun activities that young people want to get involved with. We provide many opportunities for them to succeed and like to celebrate their achievements.

EPIC Youth is built on four key tenets as spelt out by its initials:

  • Educate Informal and fun activities allow us to increase knowledge and awareness on issues that are important to them.
  • Participate Youth work is based on voluntary association, so we have to work extra hard to create a welcoming environment with fun activities so that young people want to get involved.
  • Inspire Through exploring and learning, having time and space to develop, and by achieving goals, we hope to motivate and inspire young people to reach their full potential.
  • Challenge Personal and social development evolves from succeeding in challenges. EPIC Youth will try and understand each individuals personal situation and help them take meaningful steps forward.

EPIC Youth can work in any setting and for any period of time, day, evening, or weekend. So whether you are interested in a one off session to help with a particular issue, or you would like us to run regular youth work provision, please get in touch.


EPIC Youth are experienced in developing and delivering issue based activities and will be able to create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

We can provide issue based sessions for whole classes or small groups, including tailored programmes on:

bullet Bullying
bullet Eating disorders
bullet Mental health issues
bullet Sex & relationships
bullet Drug and alcohol use
bullet Y7 Y11 transition
bullet Leaving home
bullet Healthy lifestyles
bullet Self harming
bullet Money matters
bullet Smoking awareness
bullet Relationships
bullet Puberty
bullet Racial discrimination
bullet Self Esteem


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